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Smoktech Mods: Galileo Vs Natural

Smoktech is ecig manufacturer from China with the number one priority of giving customers satisfaction and excellent service. Its offered products like Smoktech mods are also among the highly popular devices among vapers because they are of high quality and amazing performance.

Below are just two of the Smoktech Mods available in the market. Now remember, you can use any e-liquid with any mod. So we recommend you find some high quality e liquid for any mods you decide to get. V2 cigs has a great selection of e-liquid at great discounts when you use the V2 cigs coupon code.

Smoktech Galileo

You can buy this device from various ecig vendor at around $31 (more or less depending on the vendor). It is a newly designed mod by Smoktech in 2013. It is a full mechanical telescopic mod that permits the use of rechargeable batteries in different sizes.

The battery sizes it can accommodate are 18650, 18500 and 18350. Simply place the battery inside the tube; push its switch; connect an atomizer and you already have perfectly combined components for an unparalleled vaping enjoyment.

The device has 510 threading. The wide atomizer is compatible with any compatible components like RSST, 510 DST, RDA, Protank, Aro Tank, Vivi Nova, Evod BCC, Nimbus and more.

It has a lock ring at its base; a feature that helps in preventing accidental operation. The switch and the connector are both magnetic so there are no worries they will wear out.

It is made from stainless steel that feels comfortable to touch. It can produce an output voltage of 3.7-4.2 volts. With no PCB, this mo gives you the confidence of using it with utmost safety.

This uniquely designed mod is also compact that you can place it conveniently in your pocket. It also features smooth airflow with huge amounts of vapor.

Smoktech Natural

This is another member of the Smoktech mods that is likewise made from stainless steel. When you purchase this mod for about $40-50 (price varies depending on which vendor you will buy it from), the fully assembled unit is set to accommodate 18650-battery. Like the Galileo, it is also a telescopic mod, but can only accommodate 18650 and 18350 types of batteries.

The Natural has a middle tube that you can simply take out in order to use it with the 18350-battery. Early version of Natural featured a conical sloped top. With this appearance, the mod received very low acceptance from the vaping consumers.

Smoktech created modifications to its design in order to change the top. With a flat top, the Natural looked more attractive. The new design also has dimples in the cap that is likewise crafted from stainless steel.

You can independently unscrew the cap and detach it from the rest of the mod. Using a wide flat screw, its center pin can be tightened or loosened as you wish.

The threading of Natural features eGo compatibility and it can be used with a wide range of compatible cartomizers like CE4 and CE5. If you like to use other cartomizers like T2 and T3, there are adapters that you can purchase separately.

Some vendors would already offer these adapters as related accessories for Natural. At the bottom of the device is a ring of 12 vent holes. These holes were constructed and added to the mod without reducing its aesthetic quality.

The base is flat and wide in order to accommodate your preferred size of battery. It is made of stainless steel; thus, just by holding the Natural, you can already discern that it is a solid and robust device.

Like Galileo, it is also fully mechanical; without soldered wires or tins. You can also use it well with the kick if you like to transform it into a variable voltage unit. Its firing button is located at the side for a more comfortable operation. Every part, including the battery connection is detachable.

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